Complete FLOOR COVERINGS Solutions Provider

Floors Of America offers a wide range of floor covering solutions to meet every need of our customers. We can find the best solution to meet your budget, schedule, and performance requirements.

  • We sell and install fine floor coverings Carpet
  • (Commercial, Residential, Hospitality),
  • Ceramic Tile,
  • ( Porcelain, Glazed, ) Vinyl Tile,
  • (VCT, Wood)
  • Vinyl wood tile, Wood, Engineered Wood,
  • Solid Hardwood Natural Stones
  • (Marble, Granite, Glass).
  • Project Management
  • On Site Estimate
  • Delivery & Warehousing
  • Floor preparation & moisture mitigation
  • 24/7 Installation Services
  • Carpet Cleaning to existing customers only.

Floors of America is the largest commercial flooring contractor in Southwest Houston .

  • Founded in 1999, we have over 5,000 projects in our portfolio with exceptional results.
  • Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with peace of mind on even the most complex projects.
  • We can bond, finance, and execute any job in any location, giving you results you can stand on.
  • We work closely with our manufacturing partners for training and certification of our team members.
  • Our professionals are experienced with a large variety of projects and advanced services.


Floors of America is dedicated to quality installations. We offer warranties for our work to ensure the job is done right. Floors of America protects your business and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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